In a world ruled by lightweight devices like ultra-thin laptops, mobile phones and tablets; the extra weight of the headphones is quite uncalled for. Users have been waiting for headphones that will be able to remove the extra weight of wires from them. The wireless headphones we come across are still connected to each other in some form of wire. Skybuds are a set of earbuds that take away the hassle of wires completely including the wires between the two earbuds. Alpha Audiotronics has used the technology used in hearing aids to do away with the wires in their earbuds.


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Skybuds include a pair of earbuds along with a phone charging case. It is available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 users for now. The phone charging case houses the earbuds so that you do not misplace the earbuds. The phone charging case charges the phone as well as the earbuds, and acts as a power house for your phone. So when the phone battery is about to die, you can charge it on the go using the power from the case. A skybud app allows you to customize your charging options and shows you the battery levels of your phone, earbuds and the case. The application also helps you locate your earbuds if you misplace them. The earbuds can connect to any device using Bluetooth.

How Will the Skybuds Wireless Earbuds Benefit You?

  • Truly wireless earbuds take away the annoyance of wires completely. Skybuds uses Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) to keep the earbuds free of wires. This takes away the cumbersome wires, and also saves the users from the hassle of being careful with the wires.
  • The ability to charge phones and earbuds on the go from the power housed in the phone charging case elongates your phone’s and the earbuds’ battery life.
  • For those who prefer lightweight devices, Skybuds helps you reduce the bulk of the wires from the earbuds as well.
  • The earbuds are waterproof and sweat-proof. The earbud tips come in different sizes to suit all the users.
  • Headphone users are highly passionate about the quality of sound. Skybuds ensure best in class sound quality with passive noise cancellation ensuring the best audio experience for its users.

Skybuds is the result of a close study of the ever demanding needs of headphone users and the technology used in headphones. With the goal to bring the best form of wireless earbuds, Alpha Audiotronics has gone through endless tests to find out the right design for the earbuds and the phone charging case. The same was done to deliver the best sound quality as well. The fact that NFMI is a technology that is already in use in hearing aids would raise the question why headphone manufacturers have waited so long to use it. One of the reasons for not using NFMI technology is that its performance depends on the distance, making it unreliable for longer distances.

So it is good only if used over a short distance, which is approximately twice the size of your head, anything more than that can cause sound degradation. Because NFMI is being used only for communication between the two earbuds while we depend on Bluetooth for communication between the earbuds and the phone, the technology should work successfully.


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