There are many priceless programming codes which comes handy when you want to be more creative & save your time repeating the same things again & again. Similar to this we across a project on a popular project website GitHub, the website which helps programmer community to host & share software’s & codes with each other.

The project shared by a programmer – Narkoz , which consists of bunch of productive scripts alongwith there nicknames. Narkoz says that these scripts/codes were programmed by one of his co-worker who left the job, the logic of co-worker was if something – anything that consumes more than 90 seconds of his time, he builds up the script to automate the process.

Text Message: Late at work to wife

The guy developed at script which sends a text message to his wife, randomly picks a reason from a predefined list. This text was sent out anytime if there was an activity with his login on company’s server after 9pm.

Not Feeling Well

Another type of script was set to fire on specific dates. The script send automated emails for eg: not feeling well/work from home etc, picks up  a random excuse from a list. The script fires itself when there is no interactive session on the server at 8:45am.

Email to Kumar

This script scan the inbox finds emails from Kumar and searches for the keywords like “trouble“, “help“, “sorry” etc. If such type of keywords are found, the script logs in the client server rollback the server to latest backup & send email reply to Kumar “no worries mate, be careful next time

Even Cup of Coffee is Automated

And here is the best one out, the script waits for 17 seconds and then hack the coffee machine a start brewing a cup of latte (No one was aware that the coffee machine was on the network, & runs linux  LoL). Once brewing is done the machines waits for another 24 seconds before pouring the latte into a cup.  This 24seconds is the exact time from guy’s desk to the coffee machine.

Wow thats too geeky isn’t it?

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