Instagram has a huge audiences who are extremely passionate about photographs and videos. Ever since its inception in 2010, the company has enticed a huge number of celebrities, who in turn have attracted their fans to follow them on this fascinating application. The number of users has increased in leaps and bounds and Instagram is yet to see a period of downfall. The popularity of this free mobile application has draw the interest of many investors, and it was finally taken over by Facebook in 2012. Instagram is also credited for the use of hashtags and selfies around the world. With over 300 million users, the application is apt for companies who would like to target the online audience.

With the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook investors have been eagerly waiting for the parent company to encash on the acquisition. With this in mind, Instagram advertising campaigns started in certain countries which turned out to be successful. From October 2015, the company has rolled out a full-fledged advertising campaign for all interested business firms. Advertising solutions on Instagram offer the following:

  • Clicks to the website –Instagram users can easily access the websites of the advertisers with one click. It has been noticed that the click through rates on Instagram has been fairly higher than those on other social media sites.
  • Mobile App installations –Advertisers can direct the users to install their applications. This allows the users to easily access any applications they may be interested in without having to search for them in the store.
  • Video views –Videos promoting the company can be created and uploaded for the targeted users. While Instagram users can upload and share 15 second long videos, the application has leverage for business accounts that can create 30 second long videos in the form of advertisements.
  • Mass Awareness – Companies can easily target a broader audience with the help of Instagram advertisements, creating greater awareness about its products and services.

Instagram can precisely target the advertisements to very specific audience with the help of data and technology borrowed from Facebook. This is why you are required to have a Facebook account to initiate advertising in Instagram. The advertising solutions on Instagram are still at the experimental phase because fervent users may not like the idea of advertisements encroaching their personal space. It is early to decide on the advertisements being a hit or a miss, but Facebook has done well with advertisements and Instagram may not be far behind.

Certain points to keep in the mind for advertisers are:

  • 30 second long advertisements may sound like a great opportunity, but in the world of ‘skip ad’ you would have to make it very appealing for the users to view it till the end.
  • Make complete use of the tools to stand out with the photos you use. Instagram has a good set of ‘call to action’ features which can be embedded in the photographs to lead targeted audience to your website or to install your application.
  • The marquee tool holds great importance as well. Marketers can track what is trending for the day so that they can work on a related advertisement.