India has been a pioneer in the promotion of technological advancement. Many great ideas and people have come out of India and now every one knows that India has something to prove to the world. The latest and the most promising advancement Indians have made right now is the making of the world’s cheapest smartphone. Yes, this smartphone is just $4 (251 Indian Rupee).  Imagine that, who can’t even get a good hand free in $4 and right now you are getting a full-fledged smartphone with almost every feature that a smartphone needs nowadays. Let’s have a brief discussion on the new mobile.


Key Features

The handset is named as Freedom 251, as its name implies it provides you the freedom to make your decisions and provide you freedom to do what you want regardless of the price. This mobile puts in no excuse for its cheap price, as it has got all of the perks and tweaks needed in smartphones nowadays. You can enjoy almost any of the basic features of a smartphone on this handset.


The smartphone packs a 4″ inch (10.2 cm) QHD IPS display. This display is no warned out or old display screen, it is one of the latest screens that provides you with a high-quality display capability. You would enjoy games and your videos on your phone very condignly.


This smartphone comes with a 3.2MP AF rear camera which has autofocus capability, along with that it also provides an LED flashlight to bright up your photos. It also has a 3MP front camera which has auto image stabilizing capability making your selfies clearer. This phone with its inbuilt touchless technology is just too good for selfie lovers considering its price tag. This phone doesn’t look like a cheap smartphone from any perspective.


Freedom 251 is equipped with a stunning 1.3 GHz MKT Quadcore Processor. This processor is the same processor that is being used by most smartphone vendors, and the phones using them are around $50 or $60. So this feature is one of the standout features for this feature. This phone is competent enough to run almost all endless running games such as Subway Surfer and Temple Run.

Operating System

This is the part where you would think that this phone is just too good to be true as the O.S its using is one of the latest O.S that many old flagships are waiting to have. The smartphone runs Android Lollypop 5.1. Considering the smartphones that are waiting for Android 5.1 this is really a stand out feature for this phone, as having such a great O.S in such a price is quite remarkable. On top of that, it also has 1GB of RAM, so this phone would be a lag free phone for most your processes. This phone is a great advancement in bringing technology closer to the lower sector of the society.

Memory & Battery

It comes up with around 1GB of RAM. Considering the price yet again this phone seems too good to be true, previously low budget phones had 512MB of RAM but this phone is just on another scale of facilitation. It also has 8GB of internal memory, along with that it also comes with an SD card slot that’s expandable up to 32GB. So no issues from the space department. One of the better things in it is the battery. It comes with 1450 mAh battery. It is said to last a talk time of 7 hours and a video playback of 3-4 hours. As for its stand by the time, it is said to last around 24 hours.

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Image: IndianExpress & 9to5Google