Teams and team managers have realized the ease of using advanced applications to communicate and collaborate while working on a project whether it is from the same place or different locations. Project management applications amplify productivity by reducing the time spent in regular meetings or huddles with the team managers to discuss the status of a project or task. Employees find it easier to simply update it on the application for the team manager to assess. This is especially helpful when the team is working from different locations, so the team manager has to spend less time travelling to every team member to track progress of the project.

Some very popular applications used for task and project management are Redbooth, Asana and Dapulse. While each of the application is helpful, your preference for a certain application will change with the nature of the project and the team. Let us take a closer look at the applications so that you can choose the one that is best suited for your task or project:

project management app asana

Asana provides task and project management solutions for team managers who rely on team communication and collaboration. You can create a project in Asana and then you can have tasks inside this project which can be allotted to the team members. You can now keep a track of the tasks through task comments so that all the team members are in the loop. The ease of tracking the project through the task comments will minimize the use of e-mails going back and forth every time you want an update on the project. The basic version of Asana is free and there are paid versions if you have a team of 5 or more.

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project management app dapulse

This application works well for teams who like to see a comprehensive board which tracks the progress of the entire project in one place. You can take a closer look at specific areas of the project by dividing it to one of the sections to see progress on a particular area of the project. Dapulse is priced at $20 a month. The app allows the high level to link with the lower level as everyone can check the progress of each team member. It also motivates members because the boards show the completion of tasks and projects and the team members can see the big picture with the Dapulse board.

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project management app redbooth

Redbooth is a project management application which is well suited for medium size or large business firms. The app combines basic communication with audio and video conferencing, Outlook integration and Gmail integration. Team members can use screen share to show exactly what they are doing. Redbooth private cloud allows you to locally host Redbooth behind your firewall enhancing the security of your data. Redbooth has different pricing plans based on the size of your business.

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With an insight to these task and project management apps it is easy to understand that Asana is more popular among small teams while Dapulse and Redbooth are usually used for bigger projects. For projects that rely on screen sharing and video conferencing, Redbooth would be more apt, but if a project can be completed with simple file sharing then Asana or Dapulse may be equally useful.

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