Are you looking to earn some extra cash from apps?

You probably must know there are apps not only for entertainment, but apps which can help you earn some extra money.

Here are a couple of Android & iOS apps that won’t require you to participate in any survey’s or view any advertisement or videos to earn those extra dollars.

Check out these 3 killers apps to make extra money in your spare time.


Generate money by walking – As the name implies is an app which generate Bitwalking dollars (BW$) simply when you walk in your daily routine.

Currently the app is in beta phase but you can request an invite

Once you join the platform all you have to do is to walk to start your earning. A lot of walking – 12,000+ steps would worth for 1.5 BW$. These are a common steps which we easily can earn in a day depends on your activity.


You can even redeem your earnings againsts items offered through their store, or you can transfer the earnings to your bank account. Both checkout options are in testing phase right now, so could be subject to change near future.

BitwalkingiOS, Android, Windows Phone



Slidejoy is Android only app which fills your lock screen with beautifully designed stories, news, deals ofcourse that is relevant to you.

The service puts ads, news, or deals you see on your lock screen against which you earn ‘Carats’. These Carats can be exchanged for real money or can be transferred to paypal account.


Once you sign-up you earn 20 Carats, you would need minimum of 100 or more Carats to check out the payment – 100 Carats equals to $1




Foap is another interesting app in our list. Everyone loves to take photos & there are hunderds of random photos in your phone gallery that might bring up some extra cash.

This app allow you to make money by taking your photos & selling them online. There is no limit how much you set a price for your photo which means making opportunities through Foap is endless.

foap techzerofour

People are always looking for great variety of pictures and you may be surprised how much your random food picture, or a great sunset view could make money.

FoapiOS, Android